Oct 20, 2020
very good surgeon I trust him 100% with all decisions and care

Oct 2, 2020
Dr Hampton is the best

Sep 2, 2020
Dr. Hampton is an excellent doctor and I have already recommended him to family members and friends

Aug 21, 2020
Dr. Hampton was frank with me when he explained my injury; A lot of doctors will automatically suggest surgery in order to hold business and clients, however while he said he’d be happy to do surgery, he did make it clear that it was my choice

Aug 18, 2020
Always had excellent by doctor

Aug 18, 2020
I was told I have lipoma on my upper arm. Had x-rays but dr. wanted me to have MRI. He said He can not see clearly on x-ray . Why did I have x-ray then?When I asked him if I can have surgery to remove the lump which is very simple outpatient surgery, he said not without MRI.I am really confused why the heck they bother with x-rays if not needed? Not very good experience. Seems like money making practice and not patient caring.

Mar 31, 2020
The doctor had a plan, and he seemed to be confident in the surgical choice being the best route. I decided to go with his recommendation.

Jan 31, 2020
Care provider was caring, concerned, friendly, professional, and listened to my issues/concerns. Thankful for the excellent service & care I received.

Jan 14, 2020
I like the doctor very much. Dr. Daniel Hampton. he was so down to earth! I felt like he was a friend instead of the doctor. and he had a wonderful sense of humor 🙂

Jan 14, 2020
If I was not receiving excellent care, I would not continue coming back much less have two surgeries performed by the Doctors.

Jan 10, 2020
Excellent service and attention to detail; thanks for listening

Jan 9, 2020
Love the care I receive from Dr.Hampton.

Jan 3, 2020
The surgeon, or his surrogate, should have checked the removal of the 23 staples from my knee.